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B91 x BTC123 Global Tour in Malaysia: Into the Future Payment 5.0

B91 x BTC123 Global Tour in Malaysia: Into the Future Payment 5.0

Kuala Lumpur, 7 Aug: B91 x BTC123 Global Tour held in DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur has amassed a massive turnout of the event. The community meetup event with its theme “Into the Future Payment 5.0” brought together the crypto community in Malaysia to discuss the new era of payment with the central concept of “everything can be digitalized”. 

The Chief Marketing Officer of B91 Foundation, Rob Davis, and Managing Director of VVCoin, John William shared the latest information on both project and their companies’ vision. 

At the evening’s panel discussion, three panelists put forward their opinions on the “New Era of Payment 5.0 and How Cryptocurrency Could Play Its Role”. Rob Davis updated on the plan of launching the B91 Wallet and the upcoming Public Chain Mainnet as it leads the entry in the New Payment 5.0 Era. 

In this modern era, the payment industry is not good enough as it lacks security, is centralized and lacks transparency as well as privacy. Hence, B91 Payment comes to the rescue, aiming to leverage its innovative payment public chain and smart contracts to create a revolutionary payment ecosystem that gives users the best of both worlds: privacy and security coupled with the incredible convenience of smart payments. B91’s public chain utilizes SPoS (Supernode Proof of Stake) Technology, the latest and most innovative blockchain technology to solve everything that’s not going well with the payment industry today. 

Rob Davis explained the significance of SPoS, saying, “the SPoS consensus mechanism is our first choice because it improves on its predecessors in every way and allows for unlimited scalability, high liquidity, improved security, and of course, the ability to incentivize and reward users within our ecosystem, providing a healthy equilibrium in which everyone is treated fairly, which gives the power back to the users.”

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When asked by the moderator Jason Chew about the future of fiat currency versus cryptocurrency, Harpreet Singh, a CEO and Co-Founder of Blocklime Malaysia in giving his opinion stated, “it depends on the crypto-niche and how to stand out”. 

The event marked a huge milestone for both B91 Foundation and VVCoin for their introduction into the East Asian market and have been a thrilling stage for John William and Rob Davis in sharing the innovation that is set to bring forth a Payment 5.0 revolution.

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