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Malware Warning For Cryptocurrencies

Malware Warning For Cryptocurrencies

Malware Warning-techcryption

Cybersecurity analysts from Zscaler’s ThreatLabZ have given a warning for digital currencies that their wallet information could be stolen by malware. This could be due to the vast price rise of the digital currency market.

Bitcoin together with litecoin, maybe at a higher risk compared to other cryptocurrencies; nevertheless, they need to be careful as well. InnfiRAT is the malware piece that is able to steal information from any device, including the cryptocurrency wallet details. 

“Among other things, InnfiRAT is written to look for cryptocurrency wallet information, such as bitcoin and litecoin,” ThreatLabZ analysts mentioned.

InnfiRAT, a remote access trojan, looks out for wallet.dat files and sends them to the server that is controlled by the cybercriminals. The experts advised users to only access trusted webpages as the malware is usually downloaded via infected email attachments and apps.

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It is notable that bitcoin’s blockchain was attacked by the Glupteba malware earlier this month, and a recent incident of a group called “panda” wiped out nearly $100, 000 of monero cryptocurrency.

Therefore, it is best for the cryptocurrency industry to reasonably protect their users and digital currency holders, albeit it is going to be a huge struggle. 

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