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CZ Goes Live On Twitter To Say He Is Aware Of Customers’ Concerns

CZ Goes Live On Twitter To Say He Is Aware Of Customers’ Concerns

Changpeng Zhao, well-known as CZ, the CEO of Binance has gone Live on Twitter a few hours ago to appreciate clients’ concern and claim he is aware of their ideas.

The video that got 30K views at the time of reporting started with CZ showing his two-year-old Binance jersey that is owned by only ten people in the world. Then reading out comments by viewers, where one of them said he looks tired. CZ then laughed and stated that he always looks tired, but he is not actually. He even laughed louder, reading another comment that said he doesn’t look tired, but he looks rich.

The purpose of the Live video was to address the top 10 topics mentioned in their user feedback tool which was launched recently, in order to inform that he is aware of them. Apart from that, he also answered randomly chosen questions through Periscope.

Among the topics discussed were evolution curves of assets, being able to copy & paste price, daily checking rewards, and Binance coin (BNB) burn to continue forever. He also mentioned that the BNB to burn forever was a tricky one as it is a fundamental governance change.

CZ highlighted about the current market condition where some people are worried about BNB price n etc. He said that it is an overall market condition that nobody has control of, and they operate in this market with confidence about the overall market.

I am very confident about the blockchain industry, binance’s ability to deliver and to be successful in this industry, in our team, business model, and what we do. We have a relatively proven business model, and we can still scale up quite a lot more,” CZ emphasized.

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He also added that “the room for growth is very high, and they have a solid team that is building real products and the short term conditions are short term conditions.”

Other than that, CZ also commented that Bitcoin’s price is still not as bad as it was in December last year. “There are short term fluctuation, and that is the nature of a new market where the market capitalization is small, but overall the industry is still very strong,” he explained.

The 38.25-minute long video comprises of many more discussion and explanation on the related topics from CZ himself. Those who have missed the Live session can watch it on Binance’s official twitter account status.

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