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Blockchain-Related Jobs to Look for in 2020

Blockchain-Related Jobs to Look for in 2020

Blockchain technology is scalable and becoming one of the in-demand skills in the job market. In fact, blockchain is revolutionizing most industries and eventually achieve mainstream adoption. A survey by Upwork, the world’s largest freelance network, further acknowledged that blockchain is among its cohort’s top 20 fastest-growing skills.

Recently, many tech giants are looking for candidates with blockchain expertise. Even NASA was reported to search for Data Scientist with cryptocurrency and blockchain experience. However, you have to consider the necessary know-how to make a reasonable living working in a niche industry like this. Here are the hot-pick, most hireable blockchain skills to look out for in the year ahead.

Content Writer

The demand for blockchain writers is intensely increasing, but this particular job opportunity is not something you can jump into; you need to have in-depth knowledge about blockchain technology and, above all, the right technical skillset to create an informative and creative content to captivate readers or clients. 


Every organization needs a proficient blockchain developer who will help them to incorporate blockchain technology to improve their services to their clients, both existing and prospective. Meanwhile, the most preferred skills organizations are looking for someone who is expert in C++, .NET, MVC, HTML, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, AJAX, SOAP, REST, Agile Scrum, Neutral-network and XCOD.

Web Designer

Companies are on the lookout for web designers who can create a mind-blowing user interface (UI) designs that would work on both mobile and web applications. If you are a gladiator in this field, seize this opportunity with every chance you get.

Crypto Trader

Crypto trading is a precarious investment. Crypto trader involves recommending investments, developing investment strategies, evaluating risks, and maintaining investment portfolios. To make worthwhile profits from this, you need more than just the right technical skillset; a reliable and transparent crypto broker platform.

Crypto Community Manager

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This kind of manager plays a very significant role in the success of any crypto project, especially in creating awareness and interacting with prospective clients. With so many startups and upcoming crypto-based companies in this industry, there will surely be a need for their services.


With the increasing rate of blockchain integration, many companies are looking for engineers who are skilled in spotting tech company needs and creating a blockchain app to address them. High level of skills in Java, Ripple, Hyperleger Fabric, Solidity, Oracle Identity, Bitcoin and database management is one of their qualifications.

Legal Consultant

Considering the high level of uncertainty surrounding the blockchain industry, it is no longer news that there is a need for qualified legal consultants who can provide advice on structuring a legal framework for ICO, STO, TGE and other developments that are now under greater regulatory scrutiny. As the qualification states, candidates must have a corresponding degree, license and basic knowledge about blockchain to protect companies from all legal matters. 

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