Sextortion Syndicates Use Altcoin To Escape From Authority

Sextortion bypass-techcryption

A very common way to retrieve someone’s personal details such as passwords or card verification value is by sending phishing emails. Lately, sextortion emails have been widely sent out by cybercriminals demanding bitcoin.

The email usually states that the victim’s computer is hacked and their activities on obscene webpages are recorded. Although some people just ignore this kind of emails, some do get bounded as the offender includes the victim’s personal details.

Since the Secure Email Gateway (SEG) quarantines malicious emails from reaching the users, the culprits have changed their ransom from bitcoin to other altcoins. According to a phishing defence solution provider, nowadays the emails don’t include much of identifiable words.

With regards to this matter, the threat intelligence team of Malwarebytes cautioned the public to stay alert towards this type of email. “A lot of people, even those who consider themselves Internet-savvy, are falling for or are rattled by the extortion messaging, especially those emails that make use of old passwords to scare innocent people into parting with their money”, they reminded.