NVT: Indicator Signals Time to Buy Bitcoin


In order to help investors in trading cryptocurrencies in the volatile Bitcoin market cycles, it would be great if an indicator could assist them whether to buy or sell, expecting for a great return on investment.

A crypto analyst, Willy Woo has innovated a technology in assisting crypto investors by creating the network to transactions ratio (NVT), an indicator to signal on deterring tops and bottoms Bitcoin cycles. Based on this innovation, the current bitcoin cycle shows an ideal time for investors to trade crypto at the point of greatest potential financial return.

For better understanding, theoretically, NVT triggers signal that when Bitcoin’s total network value outpaces the ratio of transactions across the network, the price of assets has risen past its market value, and is due for a correction – generally, it will trigger when Bitcoin value has dropped 10 percent or more than its new all-time high.

Even though NVT works wonder and helps many investors, it has become less reliable due to private transactions clouding the clarity of the results.