BTC/USDT possible BULL in a short period before continue the trend


BTC/USDT the price has been breakout the support zone of 7835.00 and 7535.55 . This shows us that the market buyer and seller have the consensus to dip BTC to the lowest support for the best price. However, before the price can continue the trend, we predict BTC will bull to test the resistance 1 or maybe to resistance 2 before declining to the lowest support level of 6825.00 . Hence, the divergence indicator indicates that the price is still in decline again and this reinforces further analysis.

Previous analysis VS Current Movement :

Update on analysis :
We predict the price will again test the resistance level before it can continue bearish to the next support level.

(Buy at Support || Sell at Resistance)

Minor Support : 7085.78 || Support 1 : 6825.00

Resistance 1 : 7535.55 || Resistance 2 : 7845.00

Risk Warning : Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market riskAll the analysis given is for the purpose of opinion only, it is not required to follow all the analysisTechcryption is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of trading competition. Please make your investment with caution.


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