Full of Vision, Tezos drives Innovation


Kuala Lumpur, Oct 24.: Tezos Southeast Asia with BitcoinMalaysia recently organized a light-hearted meetup with crypto and blockchain communities. Tezos Southeast Asia is a non-profit independent association operating in Singapore.

In the meetup, Tezos representative, also Scientific Advisor Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons explained on Tezos background and answering a few questions from the crowd, followed by a sharing session with panellists from Coingecko Kristian Kho and CEO and Co-founder of Blocklime, Harpreet Singh. The session was hosted by BitcoinMalaysia Managing Partner, Jason Chew.

According to Diego, Tezos was founded by Arthur Breitman to expand and improve blockchain technology powered by Bitcoin in 2014. In their White Paper, Tezos introduced various innovations that improve the blockchain technology.

Among the innovations driven by Tezos are Formal Verification, Zero-Knowledge Proofs and many more.  Diego emphasized that Tezos is a science-focused association that can help the world community. To date, Tezos has seven foundations with its own purposes and skills located in Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

During the question-and-answer session, one of the funniest questions that the participant asked was why he did not own or invest in any cryptocurrencies. “I’m not really into cryptocurrency”, he responded. In fact, when asked about his motivation with Tezos, he replied, “Tezos is like a challenging journey and I’m comfortable with it”.

Before concluding the session, he highlighted that Tezos’ initiative is clear, constructive and improve the technology, in line with their vision.


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