IOTA/USDT is about to test lower price


IOTA/USDT price reached price at the support level of 0.2476 . Prediction is the price will go up to find minor support at 0.2580 or support 1 at 0.2656 before continuing to drop. Divergence indicates that the price will decline again.

However, our prediction for IOTA, there will be no drastic movement today as majority crypto had moved together with BTC for this week, so there will be an accending sideway to test the resistance which was support before been broke by the price on 24th October 2019.

We would suggest you monitor this price at support levels 1 and 2 of 0.2476 and 0.2341 to grab an opportunity of buying IOTA. The movement of 0.03% hourly absolutely will make you think twice to trade on this pair. However, we are sure the movement will go up to 4.00% once the price hits the support level as mentioned above.

(Buy at Support || Sell at Resistance)

Support 1 : 0.2467 || Support 2 : 0.2341

Minor Resistance : 0.2580 || Resistance 1 : 0.2656

Risk Warning : Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market riskAll the analysis given is for the purpose of opinion only, it is not required to follow all the analysisTechcryption is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of trading competition. Please make your investment with caution.


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