TRXUSDT possible looking for next wave of bullish


TRXUSDT is currently in an uptrend since 24th October from 0.01369 and now the price is at 0.02295 (67.65%). However, we found the price had retrace about -12.82% towards the price of 0.02005.

We predict the price will fall to the nearest support level of 0.01844 (-8.01%) from the current price. This give us a chance to buy TRX/USDT to the maximum level as the price is still in uptrend movement.

In addition, news of “Justin Sun forays into Samsung’s upcoming event to raise awareness about Tron and blockchain technology” on 21st October which pushed up TRON over 50% changes from its lower price. Not just that, we assume this awareness towards TRON will eventually make this price slowly climbing up for another 5% from it’s higher price.

The best is to wait at the support level of 0.01844 . Technically, we see the price is still an uptrend and need a retracement or discount before it can project a higher price. We recommend to buy TRON/USDT at 0.01844.

prediction for the next movement of TRXUSDT

(buy at support || sell at resistance)

Support 1 : 0.01844

Resistance 1 : 0.02230 || Minor Resistance : 0.02415

Risk Warning : Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market riskAll the analysis given is for the purpose of opinion only, it is not required to follow all the analysisTechcryption is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of trading competition. Please make your investment with caution.


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