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The Future is Meow!

The Future is Meow!

With the advent of blockchain technology, digital assets are no longer in the form of cryptocurrencies or tokens. Dapper combined innovation and creativity to create a kind of digital asset that will surely melt everyone’s heart, cute digital cats.

Dapper, a Canadian subsidiary of Axiom Zen, has created a decentralized application known as CryptoKitties. The CryptoKitties White Pa-purr was released in 2017, in addition to being full of histories and technical specifications, and pun intended.

How does it Work?

CryptoKitties allows players to collect and breed a variety of cats to keep, for sale and even loan to other players for breeding purposes by using Ethereum’s blockchain technology. Ethereum Smart Contracts will manage all aspects of CryptoKitties’ creation and trading. Meanwhile, the ERC-721 token adds the uniqueness of this game as each cat has features that cannot be cloned and modified, as it has its own serial number.

The Uniqueness, Privilege and Cuteness

In CryptoKitties’ White Pa-purr, 50,000 gene-0 cats will be produced, and the next generation will only be reproduced. The first kitten was born on December 2, 2017 and the next kitten was born every 15 minutes. The last gen-0 cat was born in November 2018.

Each cat has its own physical characteristics and different traits. Thus, there will only be four billion cats in CryptoKitties. When players breed their cats with different breeds, a mutation occurs, and new cats may have their own unique features. Not only mutation, but some will also change species, backgrounds and personal details.

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The Most Expensive Cat

In April 2018, a transaction took place, the Dragon, a cat with serial number #896775 was sold for 600 ETH, equivalent to $170,000 at that time. Surprisingly, no one knows why the buyer is willing to buy the cat, whilst it looks like typical cats with no additional benefits.

With the famous tagline, “The Future is Meow!”, the existence of CryptoKitties is like giving a future glimpse of new digital assets. Indeed, there will be more and more blockchain games offering a different kind of digital assets.

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