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$5,000 To Be Won for Your Decentralized Finance Ideas

$5,000 To Be Won for Your Decentralized Finance Ideas

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Crazy about DeFi applications, Equilibrium framework provides a broad developer community and a reliable technical environment to build a globally scalable framework on the top of EOSIO infrastructure. 

On the upcoming November 16, Equilibrium will host a Crypto DeFiance conference in Singapore where participants will be awarded with $5,000 to come up with a great idea on decentralized financial application. 

DeFi Brainstorm 2019, the competition on DeFi ideas will be hosted as part of the conference and contest application is open from November 1st until November 15th. Interested applicants are required to submit their contact info, a basic writeup of the decentralized idea, the current state of the project, and the identification of its next major milestone.

Submission of applications and ideas can be made here.

In deciding which participant is to present ideas to the panel of judges, a round of community voting with EOSDT — Equilibrium’s USD-pegged stablecoin will be used. Voting opens in the morning and closes in the afternoon, with participants sending one EOSDT from one wallet address. The three projects that receive the most EOSDT will get ten minutes of presentation time.

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Winner will be determined by an expert panel through its vote and is required to prove that the project has successfully reached the next milestone. Winner will be rewarded with $5,000 of NUT, Equilibrium’s utility token and the grant will be increased accordingly if the voting collects more than $5,000.

Equilibrium is a framework for DeFi development, and EOSDT is its first product and proof of concept. Those who are interested are advised to head over to their website to learn more.  

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