Zigmabit Defining Next Level Mine Game


Zigmabit Inc recently released three new miners that offers hash rate power up to 2000 TH/s for Bitcoin mining.

The high-quality cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer from Japan has introduced three new models, ZigBit 2.0, ZigBit 3.0 and ZigBit 5.0. The new models are equipped with Zigmabit ASIC chip technology with the focus in ensuring higher returns to users.

Zigmabit has taken the cryptocurrency mining to the next level, especially with the capability of maximizing the hash rates of the hardware to 2,000 TH/s for mining Bitcoin. Aside from the high-performance capability, the hardware equipped with smart features such as closed loop cooling system, noiseless fans, high-pressure pumps, super-efficient radiators and more.

Below are the hash rate powers for the new models:

Bitcoin: ZigBit 2.0. 260 TH/s, ZigBit 3.0. 330 TH/s, ZigBit 5.0. 2000 TH/s

Litecoin: ZigBit 2.0. 44 GH/s, ZigBit 3.0. 55 GH/s, ZigBit 5.0. 300 GH/s

Ethereum: ZigBit 2.0. 11 GH/s, ZigBit 3.0. 14 GH/s, ZigBit 5.0. 75 GH/s

Dash: ZigBit 2.0. 6 TH/s, ZigBit 3.0. 9 TH/s, ZigBit 5.0. 50TH/s

More details on Zigmabit products, please visit their official website.


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