Bithumb Global Has Come Up with Bithumb Chain

Bithumb Global Launches Open Blockchain Protocol 'Bithumb Chain-techcryption

Bithumb Global is a distributed centralized exchange platform that provides fiat and cryptocurrencies trading globally. Launched in 2019, the firm is headquartered in South Korea and among the nation’s most trusted digital assets exchange platforms.

On Wednesday, the company has launched Bithumb Chain, a core infrastructure that is claimed to be the solution for DeFi use cases, and to provide connectivity within the finance ecosystem. Designed as a supplementary service to the existing market, the service will assist to capture value from upstream and downstream of the trading business on the Bithumb Family.

Besides, Bithumb Chain is said to incorporate various technologies that will enable practicability into the network service such as a profit-sharing protocol, ValueNet Domain Name System, an exclusive OBFT hybrid consensus model, PK-based authority control system.

Bithumb Global believes that the chain will be beneficial to the financial ecosystem by providing a decentralized open protocol that ensures connectivity in the community.


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