Job Seekers Lost Interest in Crypto Roles – Indeed Study


While cryptocurrency is still volatile and considered as a high-risk investment, the blockchain technology exponentially grows every year.

According to a recent study by Indeed, a job listing search engine based in America showed that the demand in Bitcoin, blockchain job roles have increased in demand. However, job seeker interest in such roles have decline based on the job searches.

From September 2015 to September 2019, the study finds that the roles for the said industries has grew by 1,475% but the search for such roles increased by mere 469%. The reason probably due to job seekers have little assurance in the industry.

The top five job roles highly sought in the industry are software engineer, senior software engineer, software architect, full stack developer, and front-end developer.

The roles usually involved coding smart contracts to design user interface for decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain system.

Perhaps some job seekers still unable to understand the differences between cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, thinking it hold the same risks. In reality, it is not.


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