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Coin Worth A Million but Not A Crypto

Coin Worth A Million but Not A Crypto

The highest price for Bitcoin ever recorded is $19,783.06 in December 2017, where it reached a new all-time high since its inception. Today, it sits around $9,000. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and a high-risk investment.

Cryptocurrency exists from the blockchain technology, and the blockchain technology exists because of the internet. Ultimately, internet made everything possible. What if something happened to the internet? What if we lost our connection to the internet fully and we have no access? If we reached to a point where our financial depends on the internet connectivity, we will have a huge problem.

In Britain, the threepence was introduced in 1551 during the time of Edward VI. Believe it or not, it is still in circulation and London Mint planned to hand 120,000 coins for free.

The London Mint, specializing in sourcing and producing commemorative coins but not the official currency, will be handing over the threepence minted between 1910 and 1936 during the reign of George V. The worth for each coin is likely to be around £9, with the total value more than £1 million.

According to Sir Tony Robinson, an English actor teamed up with the London Mint giveaway, a coin can connect a person to different era and time. He also added that the giveaway might inspire families to spend more time together in addition to hold a part of the history in their legacy.

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If we were to compare physical coin with cryptocurrency, perhaps physical coin would mean more in a catastrophic situation because it will still hold some values. It might look as an advantage but tend to be centralized and exposed to manipulation.

This situation has raised a question, will you hold a Bitcoin worth a million or a gold coin?

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