I Will Only Trust Bitcoin – Tone Vays

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Blockshow Asia 2019 happening in Singapore Marina Bay Sand’s Expo and Convention Center has closed its doors. The two-day event has come to an end in the evening of Friday, November 15th. It has been a hectic, yet fruitful experience for us in the Techcryption family, considering it’s our first year in attending.

The highlight of the event, evidently, is networking and the opportunity of meeting key speakers and important figures in the crypto community. Earlier today, we stumbled upon a chance to interview Tone Vays, a ‘Bitcoin Maximalist’ for most people in the crypto community, and to his defense, it’s a term that Vitalik Buterin invented in a way to demonize people like him.

Worked in Wall Street for a decade, Tone Vays’ first involvement in the cryptocurrency was back in 2013 where he bought his first Bitcoin mostly because of its un-confiscatibility of assets and monetary policy that is based purely on math. His enthusiasm on the digital currency is evident when he strongly highlighted that there will only be one blockchain that matters as much as there is only a single internet that matters to date, despite various trials of inventing a new one.

In addition to that, Tone Vays does not find any relevance in the existence of stablecoins, despite its huge invention and adoption worldwide as he strongly believes that the fiat or commodity backed tokens’ real value is still in the hands of the banks and the governments and worse, it can be confiscated with a single phone call. “While trading is fun and popular, that’s not going to last forever. The regulators will catch up to it,” explained him further.

In prediction of Bitcoin price in 2020, Tone Vays said the road is still going to be rocky. However, despite not having any anticipation for the digital currency to hit an all-time high price, he is convinced that the price will go as high as $10,000 to $15,000 and that Bitcoin will start to bull next year.

Tone Vays also urges everyone to first learn how to trade before diving into the cryptocurrency market. He has a YouTube channel and his website for viewers references besides many other free portals providing basic information on trading in the market. Head over to find out more!

Kindly find our Youtube video for the full interview with the Bitcoin Maximalist, Tone Vays.


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