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Blockchain, a Game-Changer for Media Industry

Blockchain, a Game-Changer for Media Industry

Plagiarism. Copyright. Loss.

All three of the above are major issues faced by the media industry players, especially in the news and music sectors. There are various acts outlined in every country, Malaysia for instance, the Copyright Act 1987 (Malaysia) – aimed at curbing plagiarism and copyright issues. However, how effective is it in tracking or eradicating such illegal activities?

As technology advances the world, various challenges are faced by the industry players that push them to find the best way to avoid their masterpiece or writing to be plagiarized. In this regard, blockchain, which is synonymous with the financial technology and now expanding into the healthcare industry, real estate, public sectors and utilities has the potential to be the solution to the issue.

News Media

A news organization is constantly hunting for the scoop – the exclusive news provided by the journalists; to promote their news articles, in order to receive a response from their readers. Readership is the cornerstone of the quality of news, and they will indirectly generate profits.

However, getting a scoop is not as easy as pie. Imagine if the writing was copied without a copyright payment, this would certainly disrupt an organization’s news. In this regard, blockchain technology was adapted to provide copyright protection for the writing of a news media organization. For example, China has taken proactive steps by establishing the “China Financial Media Copyright Protection Alliance” to provide verification and copyright protection for original works through blockchain technology.

There are 30 media organizations involved in the alliance including China Business News, Economic Information Daily, Beijing Business Daily, International Finance News and the Daily Economic News. Through the blockchain technology, an article will be inserted with special DNA and will be able to detect any other article that has 70 per cent similarity to the original article, regardless of whether it is distributed through social media or the website.

Music Media

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The songs produced through plagiarism is not new. The international group, Led Zeppelin is synonymous with the work of copying other artist’s songs. Have you heard their song, Bring It on Home? The song allegedly imitates the work of Sonny Boy Williamson (1963) of the same title. However, that is not the only challenge faced by the music industry artists.

Although the work produced is easily disseminated to the public through social media platforms such as YouTube, the distribution of uneven content and unfair compensation or benefits to artists is seen unfair and one of the weaknesses in the industry.

Thus, through blockchain technology, the work produced can be traced to a centralized system, as introduced by Emanate. Emanate brings music creators and fans from all over the world to collaborate and real-time payments. It is an audio exchange protocol created to allow producers, distributors and influencers in the music industry ecosystem to connect via smart block-based smart contracts.

While the media industry is still raw in accepting the changes from blockchain technology, it is undeniable that it will bring many benefits and will transform an industry in improving service or product quality.  

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