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Guardian Circle Definitely A Promising Way Out During Emergency

Guardian Circle Definitely A Promising Way Out During Emergency

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Being in an unpleasant situation or emergency is something that nobody wants yet it is unfortunately unpredictable.

An emergency could range from a simple faint at home to an abduct in a foreign country. Despite the fact that people we know may be around us, we may not be able to ask for help or alert our loved ones about our situation.

Now it is no more an issue with the Guardian Circle decentralized application that provides a community emergency response network by creating ‘flash mobs of help’ anywhere on earth via mobile devices. Guardian Circle’s program interface allows any manufacturer to plug any alert device into the app, such as panic buttons, crash detection, voice interfaces, heart rate monitors, etc.

The whole idea derived from an emergency faced by the Founder & CEO of Guardian Circle, Mark Jeffrey’s girlfriend. She actually had a stroke at home when she was all alone. Mark who came back at strange hour found her on the floor convulsing and immediately rushed her to the hospital, fortunately she recovered.

When looking back at the incident, award-winning serial entrepreneur and author, Mark, realized that there were people around like their neighbours, and friends who drove by that area, yet his girlfriend was helpless. That is exactly when the idea of Guardian Circle app was drawn.

Guardian Circle started three years ago with a 1.0 then a 2.0 version and now the 3.0, a more viable version with 10,000 users at the moment. Almost half of them are from the United States and the other half all around the world, mainly in India. It is notable that Guardian Circle partnered with Women’s Safety X Prize in India, which was designed to solve the problem of women safety during assault with a panic button.

Mark stated that the next target country would be Latin America as they are nearer to the United States and 20% of Latin American citizens own crypto. “By the end of the year we’re hoping to release a Spanish and Portuguese language version of Guardian Circle and other languages in early 2020” Mark mentioned.

Another great feature of the Guardian Circle application would be the ability to reward each other, like a pre-selected pool of friends, family, neighbours, and community members who respond to an event in the Guardian Circle community using the Guard token.

Guardian Circle’s vision is to reach 1 million users in the next six months and add on to their plug-in alert devices. Currently, Mark is in talking terms with two major car companies with crash detection in their cars, where the moment a car crashes, the owner’s friends and family will be alerted immediately.

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Plus, a health device company with panic buttons for the elderly. “Let’s say your grandpa gets confused and wanders a mile away from home, or breaks into a fence, alert will be sent on the spot to get grandpa some help” Mark explained.

Apart from that, Mark has been featured on a documentary titled TRUST MACHINE: THE STORY OF BLOCKCHAIN, directed by Alex Winter. The documentary depicts to educate mainstream audiences on all aspects of support and opposition to blockchain technology, as well as its impact and potential to help solve critical economic issues like income inequality, the refugee crisis and world hunger.

The movie was released worldwide on the 15th of November 2019, on all major streaming sites like Amazon, iTunes and so on. So, do download it to enjoy the technology insights.

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