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2020: EToroX To Penetrate Asian Market

2020: EToroX To Penetrate Asian Market

Five years back, Bitcoin and crypto are alien in this world. Somehow, next year, 2020 is expected to see the technologies and industries related are maturing with positive regulations and response from the governments, especially in the Asia region including SEA.

The leading crypto exchange, EToroX believes that the Asian market has big potential for the industry and technologies to grow rapidly. EToroX Managing Director, Doron Rosenblum during an interview with Techcryption Media indicates that the firm will penetrate Asia by next year. However, the details and infrastructure of the product were not revealed.

He said, the EToroX HQ has already discussed with the Asia operational management on few ideas that will be oriented or dedicated to Asian market.

“We appreciate and believe in this market. We believe in the openness and enthusiasm of this market and the fact that people are looking for new means to do businesses. However, we still need to do some consideration and we are heading to that direction,” said Doron.

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EToroX’s interest towards Asian market can be seen by supporting five more stable coins which are Turkish Lira (TRYX), Polish Zloty (PLNX), South African Rand (ZARX), Hong Kong Dollar (HKDX), and Singapore Dollar (SGDX), that indirectly shows their focus on the Asian market.

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