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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for The Better of Humankind

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for The Better of Humankind

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Artificial Intelligence is the stimulation of human intelligence, however, processed by machines and computer systems or software. The processes include learning, reasoning and self-correcting. In today’s world, Amazon’s Alexa and iPhone’s Siri are regarded as virtual assistants by using AI to perform the tasks that they are designed to perform for us.

As a most debated technology in the era, there are two distinct approaches of AI within the humankind. One is that the technology would take humanity to the next level of progress and innovation. While next, is the fear of the technology AI overruling the human world in the future. According to this approach, AI will eventually replace human beings because of its exceedingly overpowering nature competing with comparatively weak human capacities and features.

How much of these two approaches true, and what do experts have to say about it?

Dr Ben Goertzel, the CEO of SingularityNET, a blockchain-based AI marketplace project during Blockshow Asia 2019 highlighted the very benefit of AI in the better of humankind. He was quoted saying that AI is the engine or the “brain” that will enable analytics and decision making from the data collected. Thus, from the approach of AI as a technology that will bring our ecosystem forward, there are many advantages that it can provide.

Automation of Tasks

AI can provide humans with great relief from doing various repetitive tasks. The technology can learn the work once and repeat it as many as desired by its human programmer. Thus, with the automation of different tasks reduces the workload from dull and repetitive tasks. Besides, it is notable that automation has increased the productivity of the industries by decreasing the time consumption for the tasks, as AI-powered machines are error-free, efficient, and fast.

Estimation and Prediction

Other than that, technology AI is exceptionally good with estimation and prediction due to its ability to memorize large data entries and then make its own decisions based on the past patterns that it has recorded. In addition, an AI-based weather forecast system is considered more reliable than human forecasting because the technology is knowingly to be more efficient when it comes to noticing details and identifying signs by matching them with large amounts of data records.

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Incomparable Efficiency

Notably, machines that are integrated with AI are highly efficient. The assurance of error-free productivity is 99.9% in the case of AI systems because, unlike human beings, they do not forget. AI is also better at aiming its focus and staying with it throughout without distracting. Last but not least, the system responses to change with incredible speed and proficiency and these characteristics are highly advantageous for human world’s evolution to a more advanced system.

In conclusion, it is transparent that technologies powered by AI are being applied to some of the world’s most complex human-development issues and it has considerable potential to help humans. AI’s potential has to be fully realized however, and society must focus more on the obstacles that are preventing its uptake. 

It is clear that A.I. is coming for the better of humankind and society needs to get ready.

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