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Bored Of Your Workstation? Coworking Space To The Rescue

Bored Of Your Workstation? Coworking Space To The Rescue


It is sometimes boring to sit at the same place and do the same thing, need I say more if it is for at least 8 hours a day. Even though we may have all the facilities and great colleagues to work with, it is always best to work in our own cosy space where there is less pressure and freedom of thoughts.

The idea of coworking space was initially introduced by Brad Neuberg, a Software Engineer in the year of 2005. Among the other coworking spaces is Angel Station in London that opened their first hub the same year and later became a huge network of franchise.

Currently, there are an abundance of coworking spaces all around the world providing various concepts and facilities to accommodate to people’s preference. One of the coworking space that is interesting in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia would be UnionSpace at APW Bangsar.

Being the 1st coworking space that is awarded as the Digital Hub in Malaysia and the venue partner for Techcryption Media, UnionSpace is the place for creators to work together with other talented members to build dream ventures. This space has its own famously curated food strip and host many big parties and tech events such as Startup Grind and more.

With 22 spaces and growing, they cater flexible workspace for a range of groups, from an individual worker to enterprises that require custom serviced offices solution. UnionSpace that believes in ‘Work Happy, Happy Life’ also has branches in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. They are also working towards spreading their wing to Singapore, Cambodia and China.

Below are the recommendations found in their Facebook page, UnionSpace Malaysia:

Carmen Cascales: “Very nice coworking space, nice atmosphere, great deco and confi inside, spaces to relax, coffee water and cookies doe free! And the owner Bruce a very nice person and taking a care of everything and helping whenever is needed!”

Lyn-ni Lee: “The place was extremely convenient and comfortable for my working needs. Road parking was cheap, there is a pantry and toilets available on the same floor, all the tables had electrical outlets to plug in your laptop adaptor, and it was generally quiet and peaceful. There was also food options all around. Overall I recommend this place highly to anyone looking for a working space.”

And the best for the last,

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Tze Hau Chai: “Gotta say that I’m really surprised at how they re-purpose this warehouse into a comfortable co-working space. The place is very distinct in a way that it managed to fuse both traditional layout with a modern look. You can see a lot of windows around that allows natural sunlight o bright up the whole area. Co-working and the shared spaces are spacious and comfortable. Power plugs are within reach and the internet is fast!

Best thing of all, the membership fee is very affordable and members are able to enjoy a lot of perks. Just approach any of their community managers and they’re more than happy to walk you around the space.

If you go down, you’ll see two cafes is right at the corner, which you can just grab a cuppa if you feel like it. More eateries are opening soon around the area, so you wouldn’t need to worry about getting hungry there.

Overall, its a wonderful space that you should consider if you’re looking for a place to work.”

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