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3 Ways to Earn Crypto Instead of Mining or Trading

3 Ways to Earn Crypto Instead of Mining or Trading

The word cryptocurrency has always been the attention in recent years. Bitcoin (BTC) especially has gone through ups and downs but steadily grow around 6,000 percent in ROI since the earliest known price.

Traditionally, there are two ways of getting Bitcoin. The first one would be to mine and the second one would be through trade, buy or sell. Now, there are many ways to earn cryptocurrency and some of them don’t require a single cent to start.

Bounty Program

While usually the word ‘bounty’ program refers to any bugs found in a site or a product. Not necessarily in the crypto sphere, the bounty program usually means a marketing campaign for a new cryptocurrency project.

For example, a new cryptocurrency wants to sell their coin and is having their Initial Coin Release (ICO), they need to reach new and high numbers of investors. They will run a bounty campaign to boost their sales and reward participants with their coins. Sometimes, other coins based on the platform they are using.

Participants will be required to complete certain tasks to be rewarded. The tasks are usually content creation, social media posts, sharing on Telegram group, project tasks, bug reports, and referrals.

The risks are usually on the value and the survivability of the coins.

Crypto Faucets

It doesn’t mean faucet but a website that will give you satoshis. A satoshi is the lowest unit of a coin. Take BTC for example, a satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC. Crypto faucets are not limited to BTC only, it is also available in other cryptos such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dashcoin (DASH), and more.

To claim the faucets, you are required to complete certain tasks. It can be as simple as clicking a button to simpler ways yet unending pop-ups. Users can claim a certain amount of satoshis and it will be sent to the user’s micro wallet.

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This method might take some time for users to reach a significant amount, but it is free and easy.


Airdrop is the easiest way to earn cryptos. The Airdrop process is usually free, and some have requirements to get are easy such as joining a Telegram group, follow, and posts in social media. It may share the same criteria with the bounty program but there is a big difference.

For the bounty program, a user must complete all the required tasks to get the coin. As for an Airdrop, users can get their coins without completing the requirements and will still receive the coins.

Nowadays, there are more ways to earn crypto other than the mentioned above. However, that will be featured in other upcoming articles.

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