Microsoft to Innovate 1980s Gamebook Series into Blockchain Game Card


According to a press release published on Dec. 1, the Classic GameBook Series will be revived to the blockchain. This brought a venture of Microsoft, Eidos, a major game developer and gamebook firm Fabled Lands in innovation efforts to develop a blockchain card game based on 1980s best-selling gamebook entitled “The Way of the Tiger”, written by Jamie Thomson and Mark Smith.

The new card game will be named “Arena of Death” and its players will fight in fantasy-themed card battles with features from the original gamebook series where it is launched on the VeChain Thor blockchain, a blockchain which has been largely associated with enterprises and supply-chain management. The company plans to use non-fungible tokens (NFT) to ensure ownership of in-game assets.

In reference to fee delegation utilized by VeChain which removes the need for cryptocurrency in order to create cards, Jamie was quoted saying:

The blockchain was chosen ‘due to its ability to scale and create our cards and items without having to deal with all the crypto stuff.

Jamie Thomson, Fabled Lands’ Chief Executive Officer and Author of “The Way of the Tiger”

The game “Arena of Death” has been releasing their promotional materials and roadmap on December 1st, 2019 and looks set to be a top contender for the gaming world in 2020.


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