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Brave Building More Than Just A Browser

Brave Building More Than Just A Browser

Browser is a basic software which allows the users to surf web pages. Since its invention, browser offers many options and improvements are deployed since then, to facilitate the users.

However, there are still issues that frequently encountered by users when it comes to the browser, which are slower web downloading, ads pop-up as well as exposed to computer viruses threats. Despite of browser meant to be addressing the issues, but it is still not enough.

Brave Offers Uniqueness

Brave is a project developed by the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox in 2015. It brings few key features which are ads pop-up blocker, private ads appearance and revenue sharing program. The stable version of Brave was launched in November 2019 with 8.7 monthly-active users. The daily users record is around 3 millions.

Its unique offer is proven by their blockchain-based ads information. Ads are usually blocked by default but with Brave features, the users may choose to either activate the selected ad program and receive the Basic Attention Token (BAT) as a reward. BAT can be used to provide content creators on other platforms such as Youtube. Apart from that, BAT also can be stored as digital asset or received by major cryptocurrencies exchanges.

Reward To Users

By using blockchain technology in their advertising models, Brave will have a private advertising network. Users then can choose to activate the feature and customized ads will be securely installed with no control of other party. With that, users will be rewarded in BAT for every advertisement.

Reward To Content Creators

When Brave users receive the BAT rewards, they can transfer it to content creators of their choice from another platform. At the moment, BAT supports more that 300,000 legal web pages such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, GitHub and many more.

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Build New Browser Ecosystem

Technological innovation brought by Brave has created a new ecosystem in blockchain sphere with huge revamping in browser utilization. Even though there is browser mining which allows the users to acquire crypto with the existing resources, however it is just another kind of new mining. What actually offered by Brave is totally poles apart.

Brave brings many features, indirectly indicates that the blockchain technology undeniably has broad offers to be be optimized compared to the disagreement appointed by some. It also shows that the blockchain technoplogy is growing rapidly.  

So, have you tried Brave? How far do you think it will go?

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