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What is DoS Attack?

What is DoS Attack?

Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is a cyber-attack in which the network resource is made unavailable to users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host. In simple words, DoS attack is used to tie up a website’s resources so that users who need to access the site cannot do so.

DoS attacks use a method by flooding the target with traffic or send information that triggers a crash. Notably, there are two different approaches used for this attack, which are flooding services and by exploiting vulnerabilities that cause the target service to crash.

Flood attack is when the network receives too much traffic for the server to buffer, causing them to slow down and eventually stop. Among known flood attacks are buffer overflow attack, ICMP flood and SYN flood.

Buffer Overflow Attack

In a buffer-overflow attack, the extra data sometimes holds specific instructions for actions intended by a hacker or malicious user; for example, the data could trigger a response that damages files, changes data or unveils private information.

ICMP Flood

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) flood attack, also known as a Ping flood attack is used by attempts to overwhelm a targeted device with ICMP echo-requests or known as pings.

SYN Flood

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A SYN flood sends a succession of SYN requests to a target’s system in an attempt to consume enough server resources to make the system unresponsive to legitimate traffic.

Besides, there is an additional method to perform this attack, which is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), where malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server or network by overwhelming the target surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic is used.

The Difference Between DoS and DDoS

While DoS attacks typically use one computer and one internet connection to flood one targeted network, DDoS uses multiple computers and multiple internet connections to launch the attacks.

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