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Alchemy Surprises The Industry With Their Debut Infrastructure Platform

Alchemy Surprises The Industry With Their Debut Infrastructure Platform

San Francisco-based company that develops tools and infrastructure services for blockchain projects, Alchemy has announced its first infrastructure platform that enables enterprises to easily build real-world applications on top of blockchain technologies.

The Co-Founders, Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau, both Stanford classmates founded Alchemy in 2017 together with subject matter experts from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Stanford. The initiative has now become a leading blockchain infrastructure platform, powering hundreds of diverse businesses and serving over a million users weekly in over 200 countries globally.

“Joe and I have seen that historically, great developer infrastructure was the catalyst for mainstream adoption of new technologies. The invention of the operating system brought computers to billions of people around the world.”


“We realized blockchain technology would develop in the same way, so we’re working to enable mainstream adoption by providing the industry with the high-quality infrastructure and developer tools that it needs.”


It is reported that a total of $15 million have been raised earlier this year in Series A funding from a group of leading institutional investors where the said amount will be used to accelerate the company’s continued expansion into international markets.

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Among those who contributed are Pantera Capital, Stanford University, Coinbase, Mayfield, SignalFire, Samsung, StartX, Kenetic, and Dreamers, and prominent individual investors including Charles Schwab (founder, Charles Schwab) John Hennessy (chairman, Google), Reid Hoffman (founder, LinkedIn), Tom Glocer (former CEO, Thomson Reuters), Jerry Yang (founder, Yahoo).

Alchemy has been powering infrastructure for selected enterprises and blockchain companies around the globe for the past two years. Starting today, Alchemy’s platform will become available more broadly, and interested companies can sign up at

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