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Happy New Year Or Happy Whole Year?

Happy New Year Or Happy Whole Year?

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Techcryption Media and Consulting would love to wish you a fabulous Happy New Year 2020!

Every New Year is welcomed with a lot of fun, parties and celebration. But have you wondered how the rest of the year is going to be?

Usually, the moment we talk about new year, it is all about the new resolutions and goals to meet, like losing weight, saving money, buying property, so on and so forth. But many of us leave out the goal of being happy, even if we do, are we able to achieve it?

People say you will be happy when you buy an asset, or buy your dream car, or when you lose weight, but doesn’t all these involve money?? Money might not be everything, but bear in mind, everything needs money. It is definitely good to have cash savings, but to have an asset (investment) that grows in value is much better.

The first thing that comes to mind about investment is the usual ASB, gold, stock market, mutual funds, physical commodities and much more. But, do you know that there is a digital asset that has outpaced gold’s market performance in the last ten years?

Yes, and it is called cryptocurrency. A virtual currency that is ideal for investment and trading, be it for short or long-term.

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Actually, there is a lot that you’ve got to learn before you dive in and invest for your future happiness. To understand how it works, follow our website and explore the crypto sphere. It’s better late than never.

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