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Blockchain For Dogs To Prevent Abandonment

Blockchain For Dogs To Prevent Abandonment

Blockchain For Dogs To Prevent Abandonment-techcryption

It is reported that 200, 000 dogs are enrolled in Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana (Italian dog breeders’ organization) every year. The herd book that records the pedigrees of the animals are not easily accessible and there is a possibility of loss of data.

Irene Sofia and her husband Marco Crotta, one of the leading Blockchain experts in Italy came up with an idea to put the blockchain technology to test on Pinta, their pet dog. Pinta is an Australian shepherd, which is also famous on YouTube.

The technology can be applied to any animal identifiable by microchip or other identification system, helping to counteract phenomena like abandonment, clandestine trade, genetic diseases and mistreatment.

FattorePet, a digital marketing agency specializing in the pet care sector, initiated that aims to establish an independent canine registry based on Blockchain. This allows pet owners to key in the information of their pets, where it will not be erasable.

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Apart from that, it enables unification of the canine registry at national and international level including facilitation of movements and adoptions between various regions, possibility of studies on the transmissibility of inherited genetic diseases with a very large sample and accuracy.

By far, it is said that this feature is the best guarantee to guarantee that what is entered in the verified transactions corresponds exactly to the truthfulness of the data.

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