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FETCH.AI’s Future Smartcity Technology Is Seen To Hike Its Stock Value

FETCH.AI’s Future Smartcity Technology Is Seen To Hike Its Stock Value


FETUSDT : FETUSDT’s current price is at demand zone 0.03620. Despite that, FET is still not seen to be at a point which would attract buyers. This may be caused by its past price zone on 22 November 2019, at (0.03168 – 0.03345).

Technically, although FETUSDT’s price is at the support level, its price momentum is still in the bearish side. The best way would be to wait till it comes to the best price to start buying it. The increase in price was expected to occur during mid of December last year at price zone (0.04809 – 0.05000).

Since 20 December 2019, FETUSDT has decreased in price as much as -36.54% and this indicates that the market is in search of FETUSDT’s best price before soaring up as much as 40% from demand zone at (0.03168 – 0.03345)

The tweet above adds support to our analysis towards FETUSDT, where it will create an opportunity for us to buy FETUSDT at price ranging from (0.03168 – 0.03345) to its new price of (0.04809 – 0.05000).

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subjected to a high-risk market. All the analysis given is for the purpose of opinion only, it is not required to follow all the analysis. Techcryption is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of trading competition. Please make your investment with caution.

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