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North Korean Hackers Now Using Telegram to Steal Crypto

North Korean Hackers Now Using Telegram to Steal Crypto

Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs has been analyzing new attacks from the Lazarus Group, a cybercrime group with links to North Korea, to determine how its methods have developed since the AppleJesus attack on several cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018.

The cybersecurity firm told there have been significant changes to the group’s attack method. One of them seemed to be a software update for a fake crypto wallet that once downloaded, it begins to transmit user data to hackers.

Another new technique to send malware is via Telegram messaging app. There are many channels for fake cryptocurrency companies, seemingly set up by the hackers themselves. One recently detected fake site was a “smart cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platform.”

Kaspersky researchers found these websites were often incomplete and filled with broken links, aside from the ones that took visitors to the Telegram channel. The research successfully identified that several victims were from Poland, Russia, China and the U.K., most with links to cryptocurrency businesses.

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The cybersecurity firm has also warned cryptocurrency owners to expect more attacks from North Korea and beware as hackers develop “enhanced capabilities” to deliver malware through Telegram.

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