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Hijabista: Be Stylish with These 10 brands!

Hijabista: Be Stylish with These 10 brands!

Donning hijab or headscarf is a way for Muslim women to cover up their aurah, as it is an obligation and a representation of religiosity. Therefore, the hijab once was only associated with the Islamic community and not part of the fashion.

As time goes by, the Muslim population is increasing. Not only that, the demand for the styling or hijab fashion has also skyrocketed. The industry players saw this as an opportunity to spread their wings into the Islamic market, and it is not a wrong step.

Taking into an example, the world’s leading sportswear brand, Nike has also expanded its products range to the Islamic market by producing Muslimah sportswear. Though the steps taken have triggered a lot of controversies, it has still been welcomed.

The hijab trend has evolved in Muslim countries especially Malaysia, Indonesia and for western countries, not forgetting that Turkey is the first one. In Malaysia, the women started experimenting with hijab styling since 2000.

Around 2010, ‘90s girls also did not miss out the trend of hijab or shawl, as they were all influenced by hijabista icon Hana Tajima at that time. Hana Tajima is a trend-setter for the elegance of hijab fashion until it was widely accepted, and no longer seen as oppression.

Even today, hijabis have begun to try fashion of turbans originating in Africa and India. This trend has become more mainstream, as many hijabis on Instagram are wearing turbans, including international singer Yuna Zarai.

Top 10 ‘On Trend’ brand in Malaysia

For those of you who want to know the latest hijab trends, here are the top 10 ‘trendy’ hijab brands in Malaysia!

  • Naelofar Hijab

Who doesn’t know the founder of this brand, the versatile artist and being listed in Forbes Under 30 Asia, Neelofa? Naelofar features stylish shawl or scarf, including instant shawl. It’s also affordable as the price comes from RM40 to RM113.

  • Aidijuma Scarf

This brand is suitable for those who prefer floral and simple patterns of square scarves. For those who like simple style, Aidijuma Scarf is the perfect one. Simple is more!

  • Sugarscarf

As the brand names, surely it gives the person a magical touch to look sweet and beautiful. This is because the colours that are often highlighted are pastel and the texture of the fabric is easy to wear, making many choose to wear Sugarscarf.

  • Radiusite

Hunting for a cheap but exclusive look? Maybe this is the time for you to choose the hijab released by Radiusite. Known for its beaded double loop shawl fashion, the prices are also affordable, suitable for classy and elegant women.

  • Tudung Ruffle

Tudung Ruffle is always an option for those who love a ton of colours and textures. The fabrics used are lightweight chiffon, crepe and cotton that are easy to wear. For those who want to look exclusive on the go, this is the right choice.

  • dUCK Scarves

dUCK has become a trademark to Malaysian hijabis because of their limited-edition design. Aha! Their satin silk fabrics are ideal for any style including turban. You have to try!

p/s: I’m donning Satin Silk Scarf in Nutty while writing this article.

  • Ariani

If many consider Ariani scarves are specially designed for older women, think twice. Since its inception, Ariani featured a variety of patterns, as well as the colours and types of hijabs that will make you want to buy all the scarves in its store.

  • Cakenis

It is common now in Malaysia, that artists release their official hijab brands. One of them is a famous actress, Hanis Zalikha. Anyone who has seen Hanis styling a scarf will definitely want to try it out because it looks so sweet and good enough to look stylish. Interestingly, without a long loop, the wearer can just wear it without any pins!

  • Alhumaira

It is not surprising that most of the well-known hijab brands feature Swarovski diamonds to give an elegant and sophisticated touch. Alhumaira, who has a simple but exclusive look, opted to produce a stylish, easy-to-use hijab style.

  • Tudung People

Tudung People has become a trend among girls in this country because of the styling and colour of its scarves. In addition to offering affordable prices, Tudung People also released hijabs for kids.

So, are you ready to be a hijabista?

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