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Terra Delyssa To Join IBM’s Blockchain Food Trust Network

Terra Delyssa To Join IBM’s Blockchain Food Trust Network

Terra Delyssa To Join IBM’s Food Trust Network_techcryption

Two years back, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) launched the blockchain food tracking network to connect different parties in the food industry. It is notable that the company partnered with Nestle SA, Dole Food Co., Driscoll’s Inc., Golden State Foods, Kroger Co., McCormick and Co., McLane Co., Tyson Foods Inc. and Unilever NV during the trial period.

Now, one of the biggest oil producers in the southern Mediterranean, Cho Group, has ventured into IBM’s blockchain to provide traceability for its Terra Delyssa extra virgin olive oil. The checkpoints for the product are orchard where the olives are grown, the mill where the olives are crushed, the oil filtration, bottling, distribution and more.

“Our families have been olive farmers and olive oil millers for generations.  We created Terra Delyssa with a unique, smooth flavor profile to be the ambassador of Tunisian olive oil. With Food Trust, we believe we are among the first olive oil producers to use blockchain to provide our consumers a window into each step that goes into making our olive oil so exceptional.”

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Wajih Rekik, ceo of Cho America

Customers of Terra Delyssa retailers around the world will be able to scan a QR code on each label, starting with the most recent harvest now being bottled, which will show a provenance record of the oil in the bottle, basically recording each step of the product’s journey.

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