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EscoBits Releases Crypto Tax Tracking Service

EscoBits Releases Crypto Tax Tracking Service

EscoBits Releases Crypto Tax Tracking Service-techcryption

EscoBits LLC, a lip sync and facial expression solution provider for Unity game characters have announced the release of its new cryptocurrency tracking service, The service is said to be able to make tracking any crypto transaction both intuitive and affordable.

“At this time there is no ongoing monthly expense with We wanted to make this solution both affordable and easy to use when preparing your cryptocurrency taxes.”

Steve Eschweiler, President of ESCOBITS LLC

The idea of derived as proper tracking and correct reporting is vital for any crypto-related tax. For example, exchanging Bitcoin for Ethereum on an exchange is considered two separate taxable events by the IRS but is more easily understood as a single transaction for the average person.

Therefore, the service aims to make taxable events easy to understand by providing simple buttons in the interface. These include, ‘Exchanged One Crypto for Another’, ‘Purchased Crypto with Fiat’, ‘Received Crypto Income/Donation’, ‘Made a Purchase Using Crypto’, and ‘Received Mining Payout’, among others.

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Moreover, the application provides up to 50 tracked transactions at no cost, while for those who are more heavily invested in digital assets, or for those who trade or mine Bitcoin on a regular basis, an Unlimited Lifetime License is available for a flat $99 fee.

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