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Opportunity to continue the momentum for ETCUSDT

Opportunity to continue the momentum for ETCUSDT

ETCUSDT: The price of the ETCUSDT is currently at the level of 8.2944 – 8.1000 before continuing for the increase or decline.

Meanwhile, BTCUSDT just broke a breakout last week and this indicates that every crypto against the USDT will continue to rise in price.

Technical indicators indicate that if the ETCUSDT fails to close the candle (H4) below the price level of 8.1000, then this week ETCUSDT will rise to the price level of 9.7000 before returning to higher prices or falling back to current levels.

The price of ETCUSDT in early 2020 increased by 7.8508 (187.86%) for 14 days. Then on January 17, ETCUSDT made a retracement of -4.2599 (-35.41%) showing less than 50% of the stock. Technically, if the retracement is less than 50%, this means that the market is still in a bullish momentum.

“People sometimes think when they don’t see stellar price increases etc., that nothing happens. But so many things happen, and we’re going to see them also this year emerging. And with that interest and network expansion will just continue. ”

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