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Blockchain For Agriculture To Extend Shelf Life

Blockchain For Agriculture To Extend Shelf Life

Blockchain For Agriculture To Extend Shelf Life-techcryption

It is well known that agriculture crops have a very short life span after harvesting and it is required to be put in the right temperature to extend their shelf life. If at all there is any mishandling in between the processes, it will only end up as waste.

Oregon, a coastal US state ranks at the first place in the country for blueberry production that values over USD180 million, back in 2018. Blueberry that ripens quickly is supposed to be stored at a temperature above freezing for a longer life span.

Intel, an American multinational corporation has implemented a pilot project to track the blueberry from the farm until the processor using the blockchain technology. In this project, Intel placed remote sensors in crates of berries arriving by truck from Sinn Farms in nearby Silverton, monitoring location, temperature and other environmental factors in real-time.

Food safety regulators in Oregon are confident that blockchain will lessen the time it takes to trace back the source of a food-borne disease outbreak from days or weeks to minutes or even seconds, helping to decrease illnesses while issuing more precise recalls.

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“The project was a success, though the company is still learning how to improve the process. I think the technology is ready. I truly believe this can be so valuable.”

Ninette Vaz, Intel’s global supply chain internet of things senior manager
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