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LINKUSDT is being monitored by Scalper

LINKUSDT is being monitored by Scalper

LINKUSDT: The price hike for LINKUSDT started on January 16, 2020 at 2.2920 to 2.8610. It appears that demand on the LINKUSDT is currently under price pressure (2.3740 – 2.3391).

Keep in mind that last week BTCUSDT just broke a breakout and this assures us that crypto against the USDT is still under pressure.

The tech shows LINKUSDT in the form of a Timeframe (Daily). Prices are still in the decision zone. Looking at the timeframe (H1), we found that LINKUSDT needed to fetch 2.7589 and lower the support level to 2.3740 before resuming tracking (Daily).

The price of LINKUSDT also increased (24.72%) from 16 to 17 January 2020. Accordingly, the increase and decline were within the percentage range (6% – 11%) only. This provided a good indication for Scalpers to buy and sell LINKUSDT as long as LINKUSDT was still playing at the Resistance level of 2.7589 and the Support level of 2.3391, which was (15%).

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