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Master Joji’s Financial Prediction For Your Zodiac

Master Joji’s Financial Prediction For Your Zodiac

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Happy Chinese New Year to all our beloved readers!!

Every lunar year is represented by one zodiac animal and every cycle starts off with rat till the 12th one being pig. Since 2020 is the year of rat, it means it is a year of renewal and the rat year generally means being resourceful, inquisitive and shrewd.

Usually the animal comes together with an element, and this year it is metal, that indicates strength, production and success. As a whole, the metal rat year is said to be a year filled with lots of accomplishments and growth.

Altogether the year seems very productive and beneficial to all zodiac. Nevertheless, below is the prediction by Master Joji for all the zodiac animals individually.


2020 will be a profitable year for businesspeople and professionals as there is a promising revenue for investors or investments. Although there is a high range of income, there is equally expenses, so it is advisable to be wise in spending, especially when it comes to family and love relationship, where you need to have control over the expenditure.

Favourable months         : March, July, November, December

Lucky colours                     : Pink, Yellow

Lucky numbers                 : 1, 3

Best coin                              : EOS


2020 will be a year of growth for those in the property, consultancy, insurance and any service-related industries. New saving and ventures could also be of benefits this year, but just be sure to get some advice from experts before getting yourself into it. You will accumulate wealth and save a considerable amount of money but do not be blinded by temporary money and think twice for the purchase of luxury.

Favourable months         : February, July, August, November

Lucky colours                     : Fuchsia pink, cream

Lucky numbers                 : 6, 8

Best coin                              : DASH


2020 will be rewarding for advisors and service providers but may not be very promising for others unless you don’t compare your current happiness to what happen in the past years. You need to have a lot of serious researches before spending your money, and it is definitely wise to put your money in savings with returns. Nevertheless, it will be a more peaceful year compared to previous years.

Favourable months         : March, September, October

Lucky colours                     : Gray, Purple

Lucky numbers                 : 3, 6

Best coin                              : NEO


2020 will be an excellent year throughout as your income will be tremendous, slowly but surely, and at the end of the year you’d have a large amount of money, only if you don’t spend it lavishly. Interestingly, for insurance consultants, real estate agents and service industry staffs will gain financial benefits from females. Businesspeople need to be extra careful with partnerships.

Favourable months         : January, May, June, October, December

Lucky colours                     : Pink, Yellow

Lucky numbers                 : 2, 9

Best coin                              : BNB


2020 in a nutshell is any greed will lead to disaster. Therefore, do not ever trust or get carried away with get rich quick schemes that promise unrealistic returns. Although your earnings would be just nice for your expenditure, there is no harm to invest extras on purposeful platform with prior analysis. March and September could bring extreme losses, so be more vigilant during that period.

Favourable months         : February, July, August

Lucky colours                     : Ruby red, Gray

Lucky numbers                 : 5, 8

Best coin                              : TEZOS


2020 will be a roller coaster ride where there will be financial fluctuations along the year. Although there is a high chance of losses, it will definitely be a better year compared to 2019. You got to be a little old-fashioned and keep for the rainy days. You may not have a promising chance if you’re thinking of changing job, but a guardian angel will be there to guide you through.

Favourable months         : April, July, August

Lucky colours                     : Bright yellow, Sky blue, Peach

Lucky numbers                 : 4, 7

Best coin                              : LITECOIN


2020 is a year for planning, where you should not get yourself involved in huge investments like property. On the whole, this year will be highly fluctuating, especially for some who may even face hardship in relation to fiscal front. Be careful while communicating with others and should be even ready for legal wrangles.

Favourable months         : March, June, September

Lucky colours                     : White, Silver, Vanilla

Lucky numbers                 : 4, 5

Best coin                              : TRON


2020 will be favourable in terms of finance, despite other areas seem to be a little dull. Do not blindly follow other especially when it comes to investment. Stocks and shares may not be your forte for this year. It is better to not be generous in giving loans to others as your income and expenses rise together.

Favourable months         : January, February, May, September, October

Lucky colours                     : Gray, Blue, Black

Lucky numbers                 : 1, 6

Best coin                              : TETHER

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2020 will bring a lucrative income for those engaged in overseas ventures, meaning traveling for business will surely bring profits. Unlike for people who are dependent on brokerages and commissions in property or insurance as they are not assured of a steady income. Please stay away from speculative ventures and gambling.

Favourable months         : March, June, November

Lucky colours                     : Yellow, Bright pink

Lucky numbers                 : 2, 3

Best coin                              : VECHAIN


2020 will be an extremely profitable year for businesspeople and all sort of new ventures and financial investments will bring major gain. It is important for singles to let your parents guide you through your financial affairs, and for male entrepreneurs, let your wife take the lead on your finance.

Favourable months         : January, April, June, August, December

Lucky colours                     : Pink, Blue, White, Silver

Lucky numbers                 : 7, 9

Best coin                              : BITCOIN


2020 will ensure a steady income and will guarantee saving. Your diligence will surely be recognized and rewarded by the management, which eventually will lead to a shoot up in your career. So, be prepared for promotions and pay rise. Nevertheless, do not spend lavishly, instead use extra income on savings.

Favourable months         : January, May, October, December

Lucky colours                     : Indian red, Yellow, White

Lucky numbers                 : 2, 6

Best coin                              : XRP


2020 will somewhat be a normal year for you. Those with a basic salary will have a steady income, whereas, those working on commission will have a rather fluctuating income. It is important to avoid unnecessary expenditure and investments. Interestingly, this will be a good year to switch over to a new job.

Favourable months         : February, June, September, December

Lucky colours                     : Bright red, Yellow

Lucky numbers                 : 1, 9

Best coin                              : ETHEREUM

Master Joji wishes you a year filled with extreme health, wealth and love. In case you wonder how to invest or trade with your lucky coin, create your wallet and start trading.

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