LTCUSDT, Chance To Gain Up To 6.46%

LTCUSDT: The price of Litecoin TetherUS is currently on the sideway move (68.84 – 66.69) and slow price movements eventually make the pair seem boring for Scalpers to trade. However, traders can take advantage of this LTCUSDT when it hits the support level of 66.69, where LTCUSDT traders can start buying at the price and take part of the profit at 68.55.

Our observations on the LTCUSDT are more in favor of the side movements, buying and selling actions, both of which will result in profitability in the trade. Sideways at resistance level 68.86 and support level 66.69.

Technically, the LTCUSDT price is looking for a bearish momentum to its stronger demand, at the environmental level (64.66 – 64.09). It will then jump back to level 68.85.

Yesterday the LTCUSDT price dropped (-5.50%), then plunged by (2.97%) before starting the trend. Moreover, if the LTCUSDT price managed to reach the support level of 64.66, then the increase to the level of 68.86 would lead to a gain of (6.46%).

In conclusion, we recommend that LTC fans or collectors start buying when the LTCUSDT price is at the support price as mentioned above.

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency investing is a high risk market. All of the analyzes provided are for the purpose of sharing only opinions, not necessarily all analyzes. Techcryption will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from trade competition. Please invest carefully.

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