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KKK: A Haunting History

KKK: A Haunting History

Would you imagine if the people you know are different at night? This indeed happened back then when the whites impersonated to be normal during day, but disclosing themselves to terrorism and violence behind the masks when the day ended. That is Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

KKK, a hooded underground association established since 1886 thriving for white supremacy. KKK is the oldest organisation that engrossed the violence, crime and terrorism. Rape, hanging, burning and act of violence towards the African American became their endeavours to ‘dispose of’ them and to oppose the grant of civil rights to African American. The notion proposed by the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies to embed the equal rights between whites and blacks, was assumed disrupting the white civil rights.

The chronicle of KKK is the worst unpleasant incident ever occurred in America which embroiled the interracial crisis between the whites and African American. Ultimately, the ritual and championship of Christian power had been one of the conceptions of the virtual organisation in 20th century.

‘Nicknames’ frequently used to call the African Americans are ‘negros’ and ‘niggas’. Also, the ideology of the virtual association was embraced by many whites. Americans tried to forget the history, but they cannot.

Ku Klux Klan

After the repercussion of the civil war, the confederate generals went back to the South. During that time, the African Americans became the slaves. In 1866, the first branch of KKK consisted of the confederate veterans whereby it was in the form of social fraternity in Pulaski, Tennessee. Few meetings were held at a hall in Pulaski, resulted in the founding of the group name, KKK.

Apart from its brutality ideology and action towards the African American, the hidden meaning of the association name must mean something. The first two words, ‘Ku’ and ‘Klux’ derived from the Greek word, ‘kyklos’ which means circle. Eventually, they decided to choose Ku Klux Klan. The KKK origin was surprisingly had to do with the menacing behaviour that eventually became a norm.

Later, the South authorities decided to give civil rights to the African American as well as them becoming the second class in the society. It was opposed by many especially the hooded association. In result, they started to ‘rebel’ underground. Nathan Bedford Forrest, the former confederate general controlled the violence activities of KKK towards the African American.

Gradually, in 1868, KKK flourished to every southern state to embark their campaign spreading the white supremacy. They wanted to reconstruct the grant of civil rights to African American after their rights issue being disrupted by the civil war. Consequently, they started to terrorise the African American by bombing, burning, hanging and raping. The first attack was to warn the African American by leaving threatening messages on their doors. Nonetheless, it failed. Then, they acted in violence by tying the African American to the tree branches and whipped them. Not only that, they also bit, burned, lynched them and whatever method to terrorize the African American. Consequently, many had died.

In order to answer to the violence, general Forest who was against the white terrorism ordered the Klan to be suspended on January 1869. Some heard, but many did not. There were also several southern governments battling the Klan.

In 1870s, the enforcement act on KKK, the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 was amended due to the Republican state government in the South asked help from the Congress. The law forced the Klan violences punishable as two or more individuals who conspired into the brutal activities of KKK would be penalized. Consequently, the KKK disappeared almost completely and twitched the end of the reconstruction and the beginning of racial act system in the South.

20th Century KKK

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Then again, despite the hooded association was seemingly to have faded away in 1870s, its revival in the 20th century is undeniable. On February 1915, KKK was reborn by the dint of a film, ‘A Birth of Nation’. It was viewed by almost 25 million audiences held as a blockbuster movie for a time. The film inserted a different impression as it seemed innocent, however the truth was worst. It entailed the positive face of KKK and the conception of the African American are murderers.

William Joseph Simmons, a salesman and alcoholic, was so fascinated by the ‘A Birth of Nation’ film and thought to restore the KKK. Due to that, he initiated an organisation called the ‘Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’ to reincarnate KKK. The 20th century KKK embbed new secret rituals and members have to pay 10 dollars for lifetime membership.

In the 1920s, the Klan empire became a strong national organisation, however, they were not only embarking the sensationally brutal ridicule towards the African America, also, towards the Catholic, Jews and immigrants. One of the authorities of America at that time was as well sworn to the KKK and gave the invisible empire government a licensed place. The Klan in 20th century was perceived by many as a respectable organisation. After that, in 1925, KKK was so gratifying with the growth of six million signed up to be members. On top of that, the KKK also ran a business that worth 25 thousand dollar per year.

The End of KKK

It was irrefutable that the acceptance of once upon a time a hooded association was greater than ever, yet, no longer after that, as the empire almost reached its end due to a scandal. David Curtis Stephenson, the Indiana Grand Dragon (state leader of KKK) was involved in a murder and raped scandal of a woman. It was opposed by the Klan whereby it deemed as woman sentiment. As a result, it became a mockery of Klan. That also became one of the factors of the KKK depleting in 1920s.

Due to that, from 1924 and 1928, KKK membership started to shrink and the association temporarily disbanded in 1944. However, few states in America recorded that there were few active KKK operating in 1990s. It is true that KKK was disbanded, but not quite weeded out.

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