XTZUSDT is Looking For Highest Prices At least 3.2820

XTZUSDT: The price of Tezos TetherUS jumped 8.16%. XTZUSDT is in the process of bending the pattern (Ascending Triangle) where in this pattern we are advised to wait for the breakout price at the end of the pattern. However, we have been analyzing the XTZUSDT and found that Tezos TetherUS is trying to open the lowest price range, which is at the nearest support level (2.4195 – 2.2160) before the bullish connection to find 3.2820.

Our observation on this XTZUSDT is that it will move around in the Triangle Riding Zone or create another pattern called Bullish Pennant. If this pattern occurs, then the best course of action for XTZUSDT collectors is to focus on BUY only.

Technically, the price of the XTZUSDT is still in momentum.The price of XTZUSDT jumped from February 8 at 2.0105 to a high of February 9, 2020, at 2.7487 (36.77%).

The next event related to the Tezos Currency will be held at the Paris Blockchain Summit on March 31, 2020. It is likely that XTZUSDT will find the latest highs. So this is very supportive of our analysis, where we believe many traders are looking for the best price to buy XTZUSDT before they make the highest price hike in March.

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency investing is a high risk market. All of the analyzes provided are for the purpose of sharing only opinions, not necessarily all analyzes. Techcryption will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from trade competition. Please invest carefully.

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