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5 Best Crypto & Blockchain Books Everyone Should Read

5 Best Crypto & Blockchain Books Everyone Should Read

5 Best Crypto & Blockchain Books Everyone Should Read-techcryption-01

We have previously gone through a list of The Ultimate Top 5 Must Watch Crypto Movies that everyone can enjoy while learning about cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain technology. Notably, there are thousands and more articles and hundreds of books written and published, explaining the two.

Bitcoin is widely regarded as the future of money, alongside its underpinning technology, blockchain, that has been in existence for just over a decade. However, they are still a mystery to many people. Thus, below is the list of 5 best crypto and blockchain books everyone should read at least once in their lives.

1. The Book of Satoshi by Phil Champagne

The author has put together a collection of Satoshi Nakamoto’s writings in an attempt to get the reader to have a feel of the birth and the rise of the digital currency known as Bitcoin. The book rewinds time and takes you to a moment when Satoshi was still selling his vision to the world and allows you to feel as if you were there at the beginning too.

Of course, the book does not reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, as none of us have figured out who the person or the people behind the emergence of Bitcoin is. However, this book is perfect for newbies who wants to learn the history of the world’s number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin: The Future of Money by Dominic Frisby

This book is a great introduction to digital currencies and how they work. In some parts of this book, Frisby plays detective and tries to solve the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto and goes through the possibilities of the leading figures that were present at the beginning of it all.

Besides, the author goes as far as speculating about who Satoshi may be based on opinions. There is a soft review on what the technology is, and this could appeal to the non-tech savvy audience.

3. Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps by Daniel Drescher

This book is perfect for those who wants to understand what blockchain is when you don’t exactly fancy the technicality, as the author Daniel Drescher has made it so simple that it is understandable even for people who have never heard of the technology.

Drescher breaks it down to the basics without using complex ideas, formulas, or code; building up the reader’s knowledge from a foundation laid in the early chapters. After reading all 25 steps you should have a reasonably decent idea about the general principles that make a blockchain.

4. The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

The premise of this book is simply to answer the questions of why. Readers would want to know how Bitcoin works and why Bitcoin (BTC) is important. Thus, Andreas addresses many of Bitcoin pertinent questions and how cryptocurrency might be scaled up in the future.

Besides, you might have already heard of Andreas Antonopoulos if you are already in the crypto community as he is quite prolific in the cryptocurrency space. He’s bullish on Bitcoin so always be sure to take what he says with a pinch of salt. Thus, this book is well worth a read.

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5. Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper

Digital Gold is a book written on Bitcoin and the inside story of the misfits and millionaires trying to reinvent money. Like Frisby, Popper takes a critical look at where Bitcoin came from, who created it, and who are now the rising powers in the space.

The book that was nominated for the Financial Times book of the year in 2015 helps readers to appreciate why the currency is popular in countries with experience of populist politicians undermining the stability of a country’s currency with their insane political or economic ideas, such as Argentina, Ukraine and the UK.

Our Two “Sats”

I bet everyone has already grasped the fact that Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies available in the world are going to be the future money as it provides extended benefits to the users. Thus, we should gain as much knowledge as possible about crypto, and the very technology behind the digital assets.

Obviously, the list could have gone longer, however, these are my favourite 5 best crypto-related books I promise you will have a good time reading. Remember, the world belongs to those who read.

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