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How To Enjoy Your Weekend With No Cost

How To Enjoy Your Weekend With No Cost

How To Enjoy Your Weekend With No Cost-Techcryption

Is it weekend yet? Oh yes, it is weekend again.

A lot of us will always have so many plans when it comes to weekends because we work so hard from Monday to Friday and weekends are like a blessing. But every time the weekend arrives, money goes away.

Although we love to just laze around at the comfort of our homes, it is definitely better to go out and get some fresh air and enjoy the company of our family and friends.

Most of our weekend plans cost quite a lot of money, especially when it comes to having fun with the whole family or a bunch of friends. But worry no more because I am going to share with you places you can go with no cost.

1. Art Gallery

Do you love to admire art? Then, Petronas Art Gallery should be your go-to place this weekend. The gallery has over 1,000 works of art ranging from paintings and photographs to costumes and crafts. It is an easy place to find as it is located within the Suria KLCC shopping mall.

This spacious gallery reflects the diversity of Malaysian and global artistic strokes. Catering to both traditional and contemporary art enthusiasts, the Galeri PETRONAS features various types of art, from painting and sculpture to multimedia experimental works.

The gallery is an understated yet elegant and brightly-lit gallery and was established in 1993 to support the development of art in the country. The non-profit gallery has a programme of changing art, craft and design exhibitions so each visit to the gallery is a unique experience. It used to be located in the Dayabumi Complex but moved to its present location in 1998.

2. Rock Climbing

If you’re a fitness freak and a sporty person, you should not miss visiting Batu Caves, a stellar rock climbing location in South East Asia. There are a total of 3 walls (Damai Wall, Nanyang Wall, Nyamuk Wall) and crags at Batu Caves with varying routes and levels of difficulty.

Damai : Damai Wall is slightly further away from Batu Caves than Nanyang Wall and Nyamuk Wall. The closest address is, Kampung Melayu Wira Damai Batu Caves, Selangor Malaysia.

Nanyang : Nanyang Wall stands directly in front of the shops at the main road of the caves. The approach to the wall takes little effort as it is located directly next to an open-bay car park. Nanyang Wall, like all rock climbing at Batu Caves, offers great views!

Nyamuk : Nyamuk Wall is an east-facing wall and features spectacular scenery in the morning with the sun. The difficulty here ranges and features many advanced routes. There are 3 sections to the wall with multiple routes per section.

3. Wheelie Sundays

If the above seems overwhelming to you, then a Sunday morning with your family and friends and clean air is what you need.

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Wheelie Sundays at Publika have been a regular feature from as far back as February 2012, where all roads within the shopping gallery are closed to cars, allowing families to cycle, skate and jog in a safe and clean environment.

According to KL Blog, you don’t have to bring your own set of wheels as there’s a large selection of bicycles (even tandem bikes) provided at The Square at Publika – all free of charge! And, there is an early bird breakfast for sale at RM2 from 7 am to 8 am.

The 1,200-metre-long loop along Publika’s main roads is also a great way to meet people and is a safe way for the kids to get active without leaving the comfort of the shopping mall.

Our ‘Two Sats’

It is always good to have our weekend spent with our loved ones doing something healthy and engaging instead of just having a couple of drinks at night. Moreover, when it costs you nothing but just quality time.

Nevertheless, do not forget to stay extra careful because free stuffs always attract a lot of people, and there is a possibility of you ending up at a crowded place if you arrive late. Therefore, reach early to reserve a better place and avoid unnecessary congestion.

So, get yourself ready to spend your weekend wisely and save that money for something special that may be coming up your way soon.

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