LINKUSDT Still In Sideways And Bringing Down The Momentum

LINKUSDT: Price reading for ChainLink TetherUS coin pair today shows prices are on the sideways in the price range (4.2666 – 4.1142). Currently, LINKUSDT is trying to put pressure on support level of 4.1142, and this indicates that the price is indeed in a downward momentum for the week.

Technically, the LINKUSDT price has been set at the same price level of 4.7500, and is also known as (Double Top). The current character or attitude of the LINKUSDT chart shows that the price of LINKUSDT will go down to the strongest support level of (3.6443 – 3.5082).

The price of LINKUSDT was trying to surpass the small resistance level of 4.5127, but the attempt to bring the price up was unsuccessful. Last week’s increase was (9.87%) before continuing to decline until today.

Our opinion on LINKUSDT is, it will fly to search the latest highs in March. However, the price of the LINKUSDT should fall to the support level (3.6443 – 3.5082) before the highest price rises in March 2020.

Concluding this analysis, we see that LINKUSDT is trying to open up to CHAINLINK’s fans or collectors to buy the coin at the nearest support level (3.6443 – 3.5082).

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency investing is a high risk market. All of the analyzes provided are for the purpose of sharing only opinions, not necessarily all analyzes. Techcryption will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from trade competition. Please invest carefully.

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