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Greeneries Help Reduce Stress in the Office

Greeneries Help Reduce Stress in the Office

If you are a white-collar worker who spends all day in the office, you definitely need time to breathe fresh air or get out of the overcrowded office environment. Also, sitting on the chair and staring at a computer screen for too long will make you feel exhausted.

If the above situation continues to happen, you tend to get stressed out frequently to an extent it will inevitably disrupt your productivity. Interestingly, a study done by a research team from Japan found that green plants can improve the mental health of office workers.

What the Research is All About?

A study was conducted by the University of Hyogo in Awaji, which aimed to investigate whether indoor green plants could help workers. A total of 63 white-collar workers were selected as the subjects for the study. Each participant had to choose which plants to put on their table. Their choice of plants are as follows: air plant or Tillandsia, Bonsai, Echinopsis Pachanoi (known as San Pedro cactus), Foliage, Kokedama or Echeveria.

After they picked their plants, it will be placed near the computer monitor on their desk. For the first week, the participants worked without a plant and for four weeks thereafter, they would put the plant on the table while being assigned to observe the plant for several minutes on a regular basis.

The Result?

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The study found that their anxiety levels decreased dramatically compared to when the first week of the participants worked without plants. Amazingly, their stress level decrease based on their pulse rate. In fact, the result does not depend on the type of plants selected. Meaning that people of all ages will experience the benefits, regardless of the type of plants.

Our Two ‘Sats’

What are you waiting for? Some of the comments given by the participants were positive as they enjoyed taking care of their plants and also considered the activity as a good recreation. So, if you work in a stressful office environment, you can try to put small plants on the desk. It may help with your daily productivity!

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