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Mabinogi, Beyond Reality

Mabinogi, Beyond Reality

There are above 2.2 billion gamers or specifically video gamers around the globe and 203 million of them are Americans who spend their time playing games more than 10 times a day.

In the current era, ‘gamer’ is no more a term describing a small kid or a teenager who wastes time playing video games because there is no age limits or criteria to be fulfilled in order to become a gamer.

The innovation of smartphones has changed the whole perception and led to a vast utilization among users. Surprisingly, a total of 51% of gamers who play games on their smartphones are females according to a report.

Therefore, you can find plenty of video games available out there with lots of variety in the genre of the game. One of it is the Role-Playing Game (RPG), which is a type of genre that enables gamers to control the fictional character they represent in the game until they’re done with it.

Usually, players will represent a totally different character from the real world based on the worlds built on a RPG. Mabinogi carries a fantasy-based background, uses magic, enables users to defeat demons, treasure hunts and fight among players, as main features.

History of Mabinogi

Mabinogi : Fantasy Life is one of the RPG games you can play on your smartphone. Mabinogi was launched at Korea in 2004, as an online video game that you play on computers. However, in November 2019, it became an application on smartphones officially.  

Mabinogi got its name from Mabinogian, a Welsh anthology poetry that contains poems that are mystical, folk cultured, traditional and historical. Among the poems is the famous story of King Arthur and his knights.

Different Classes

There are so many other fantasy-based video games out there, but what makes Mabinogi different from others?

One of the best features of Mabinogi is that it is not limited to a few types of basic character, instead, it has 10 different classes of characters at the moment. What’s better is you will not be fixed to one, you can immediately change to other characters and experiment as you wish.

The characters are able to use swords, bows, magic sticks and more.

Unique Skills

Not only does Mabinogi enable players to fight or defeat demons and etc., but it also offers a huge range of alternate skills for those who don’t prefer violence. The available skills will help characters to the next levels, as well as move the game economy.

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Among the skills available are cooking, tailoring, farming all the way to husbandry. This will not only boost interest among players, but it will help them to generate more ideas while they actually play.

The More The Merrier

If you are a person who loves to relax and socialize, then Mabinogi is the gaming platform for you because it has a fire pit for your character to chill around and earn points to go to the next level. Interestingly, you are also able to have voice chat among other players.

Apart from that, Mabinogi also allows players to play music as an individual or as a group. It also has an option for players to upload songs of your choice to enjoy listening while you play.

Our ‘Two Sats’

It is common for players to have different taste in terms of the type of games or even the characters, not forgetting how they spend their time on a gaming platform. In that way, Mabinogi has the advantage of flexibility and style where players can adjust according to their taste.

In a real-world where everybody is busy, it is important to make sure how we spend our time at leisure. So, Mabinogi will definitely be one of the great choices to occupy your free time and relax, alone or even with family and friends.

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