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Where to Travel in 2020, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Where to Travel in 2020, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Have you ever checked a zodiac description and go like ‘eh, ya la, so true’? Then this is surely going to excite you.

According to a 2009 Harris poll, 26% of Americans believe in astrology and in countries like India and China people start checking their zodiac since the day they are born till the day they die. So, is astrology true or mythical?

Let us not go in-depth of that question because if we do, it will not be just an article, it will become a book on its own. Sometimes it is fun and exciting to check your zodiac description and find out something that is very relatable. Therefore, in that sense, let’s see which would be the best location for you to travel according to your zodiac.

Before we start, let me tell you which is your zodiac sign based on your birth date. If you are born:

Aries – The Fighter

Those with the zodiac sign Aries are always associated with strength. So, the best place you should travel this year is to Peru. You will have an amazing experience hiking through the mountains in Peru to also feed your adventurous personality.

On a roadtrip, Aries : Asks “are we there yet?” (at least 100 times)

Taurus – The Lost One

Whenever you talk about Taurus, it is always about food, food and more food. So, the best thing to do for Taurus is to eat like a king, and the best place to dine out is in Paris because it is among the must-try locations when it comes to food.

On a roadtrip, Taurus : Sleeps the entire trip

Gemini – The Artist

Geminis are filled with lots of curiosity and passion. So, places that are filled with sophisticated yet settled architecture would be of interest to you. In 2020, the best place for you to travel would be Dubai, as you can enjoy the art of both ends.

On a roadtrip, Gemini: Will be too busy reading guidebooks

Cancer – The Caretaker

Being ‘the caretaker’, those with zodiac sign cancer will always prefer to go on a holiday with families rather than friends. Any destination that is family-orientated would be a great holiday for Cancerians and their family. So, place like Italy would be the best destination to travel in 2020 for Cancerians.

On a roadtrip, Cancer : Tries to instigate roadtrip games

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Leo – The Party Animal

As the image above says, Leo is someone everybody would want to go to a party with. So, the best place to travel for Leos would be to go on a cruise and the best experience can be gained from Virgin Voyages. The private party experience is exclusive to Virgin Voyages, so make sure to get on board as soon as you can.

On a roadtrip, Leo : Insists on driving the whole way

Virgo – The Overthinker

For the overthinking yet health-conscious Virgo, a chill-out spot would be the apt holiday plan. So, in 2020, it is best for Virgos to travel to Bali. The whole environment plus spa with body treatment, massage, facial, and pedicure will surely be the best getaway for them to relax their always running thoughts.

On a roadtrip, Virgo : Will be in charge of maps and navigation


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