Mukbang: A Satisfaction or A Harm?

The ASMR, the sound of people eating, chewing, slurping and burping may be nauseating, but many people are craving on such videos. Mukbang, or known as eating broadcast was introduced in South Korea, where people watch strangers binge eating on YouTube. As the K-Pop wave began to hit the world, Mukbang’s popularity had continued to rise and be a trend for people in other countries. In fact, many of the top stars and individuals earn big bucks by making Mukbang videos.

Many people seek fulfilment through Mukbang, however, if this trend continues, it could do serious harm to the dietary pattern. Remarkably, the sharing of Youtuber Mukbang who binge eating at one time can be the cause of compulsive eating.

Undeniably, most of the Mukbang Youtubers are pretty, skinny and handsome, but all of them are well-trained bodybuilders who know how to maintain their ideal body figure. No to mention that the food they consumed contains excess cheese, oily and unhealthy.  

Unhealthy and fatty foods have become a Mukbang Youtuber’s choice because they are seen as receiving good response from the viewers. Source: YouTube

How about the viewers? Surely, they want to try that mouth-watering food as well. Reportedly, the obesity rate in South Korea is seen increased among men following the rising trend of Mukbang. Subsequently, the government plans to ban Mukbang-content videos. However, the Koreans opposed to that.

The situation clearly shows that Mukbang only causes unhealthy eating habits. In addition to that, this trend will have an adverse effect on individuals exercising extreme diets. As a substitute for satisfying their appetite, they tend to watch Mukbang videos, while at the same time being able to starve in order to be skinny.

It is worth noting that no one could prevent the content selection of individuals to watch, but those who have been involved in the production of Mukbang videos are recommended to advise viewers to practice healthy eating as well.

Bonus! The Abduction Conspiracy of Mukbang Youtuber

As Mukbang is gaining popularity worldwide, many individuals are trying to create similar videos. Recently, netizens began acting as detectives to reveal the conspiracy that the famous Mukbang Youtuber, Kate Yup was kidnapped and captived by someone, and forced to eat seafood in a large amount for the sake of producing Mukbang videos. What is the motive behind all of this? Of course, money.

In her videos, Kate Yup was blindfolded, and every time she started eating, she was seen as starving to death. She did not talk to the audience like the other Mukbang videos and only used subtitles to communicate. At first, the viewers did not notice that, but eventually, they started to feel weird. One of it is Kate Yup looks like losing her weight even though she eats a lot of food.

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Kate Yup’s hand appears to be bruised (in a circle), it is believed to have been abused by the kidnapper. Source: YouTube

In those videos, the viewers also heard the voice of another man forcing Kate Yup to continue eating. To prove their speculation further, some eagle-eyed netizens also spotted numerous bruises on her arm and on her lip, besides the word “I’M TRYING TO KILL YOU!”.

Since then, netizens believed that Kate Yup might have been kidnapped and caught in an abusive situation, thus being forced to eat too much food. They see the motive behind this is for the sake of money, and the kidnapper was allegedly having a strange passion, which is to see other people eat a lot.

Kate Yup is said to be the missing girl when she was 16, Karlie Guse. Source: Twitter

Everything is getting louder, netizens also felt that Kate Yup was giving hints through subtitles, such as SOS and HELP. Netizens believed that Kate Yup is the same missing girl at the age of 16, Karlie Guse who has never been found.

To this day, the speculations remain unclear and the exact identity of Kate Yup remains unknown. For more information, see the thread HERE.

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