Will WAVESUSDT Continue to Bearish During March 2020?

WAVESUSDT : Price readings on the WAVES TetherUS pair are currently at a near support level. This may bring the WAVESUSDT price slightly to a higher level of 1.1508 before continuing Bearish’s journey to the strongest support level of 0.5807. However, the price of the WAVESUSDT will not be as easy as it may be and will soon stop at the nearest support level of 0.8846.

Technically, the price of this WAVESUSDT has not yet given a strong indication of the downward price. The price resistance at the resistance level of 1.1508 has made our analysis predict that WAVESUSDT will be in decline throughout March. WAVESUSDT’s current price position is right on Small Support which makes the WAVESUST price strong today.

WAVESUSDT is likely to recover its early price in February at a price of around 0.8846 (-23.21%). Subsequently, the WAVESUSDT price is likely to reach its lowest price at 0.5807 before making the rise up to (97%) to 1.1508.

In conclusion, we believe that WAVESUSDT is trying to make room for WAVES fans or collectors to buy the coin at the best support price level around (0.8846 – 0.5807).

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