FTMUSDT Shows Opportunity to 16% Increases

The price reading for the Fantom TetherUS coin pair today shows that the price is in downtrend above the support level of 0.00655 (timeframe H1). It looks like the FTMUSDT price will rise to the resistance level of 0.00786.

Technically, the price of the FTMUSDT broke the downward trend on March 2, which began on February 25, 2020. This indicates that the price of the FTMUSDT will be rising in the near future.

We find that the FTMUSDT will find the price at the level of resistance within the range (0.00768 – 0.00802). If the FTMUSDT price succeeds at that level, then the FTMUSDT price may rise to the next resistance level of 0.01057. However, our analysis still looks at the near-normal range of (0.00768 – 0.00802).

The downside (-18%) on February 25 was broken on March 2, and FTMUSDT is currently trying to retest the price 0.00786 (16%).

Conclusions for the analysis this time, our opinion is that the price of the FTMUSDT will rise to the level of resistance, and if the resistance level is successfully broken, then FTMUSDT will continue to find 0.01057.

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